The Government of Japan has been providing development support to Egypt for more than four decades now. The economic assistance to Egypt is considerable in terms of its volume and content. Egypt is the ninth largest recipient of Japanese bilateral aid and the largest in the Middle East.

The Government of Japan accords priority to a number of areas for assistance to Egypt. Such priority was apportioned on the basis of policy dialogue between Japan and Egypt, as well as studies and research on development conditions, objectives and plans designed by Egypt:

  • Expansion of agricultural production
  • Development of human resources
  • Boosting economic infrastructure
  • Upgrading health and medical care services, population control and family planning
  • Improvement of living environment ( water and sewage systems ) and public hygiene

In 2014, the Government of Japan has approved funding US$ 750,000 for an extension of the HAYAT project to the South of Minya to be executed simultaneously to already ongoing project operations in the northern districts of Edwa and Maghagha.

More information about the bilateral cooperation between Egypt and Japan: