The Government of Egypt, on centralized and decentralized levels, is involved in all phases of project design, execution and monitoring. The Local Administrative Support Unit (LARU) of the Ministry of Local Development (MOLD) and the Governorate of Minya are HAYAT’s main counterparts.


The project was developed through a consultative process between the UN, several government counterparts and civil society. The organizations consulted during project development include MOLD, the Ministry of Manpower and Migration, the Ministry of Youth, the Ministry of Industry and Foreign Trade, the Agriculture and Agro-Industries Technology Center, and the Social Fund for Development as well as a number of local NGOs, civil society organizations and focus groups of perspective beneficiaries.


Consultations with stakeholders confirmed the relevance of the project to the government’s local development plans and poverty reduction objectives for Upper Egypt, as well as its interventions to addressing the critical human security threats faced by the communities in the region’s poorest villages. The consultations held by the UN agencies also affirmed the commitment of national partners to collaboratively reinforce local capacities in the project target communities to ensure that (i) the resilience of communities and vulnerable groups is strengthened, (ii) services/mechanisms established through the project are sustained beyond project related funding and as long as needed (iii) a model for community-led and community-owned strategies is established for replication in similar communities.